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More than 1.3 million people work in the NHS in 350 different careers. Many have inspring stories to tell about why they chose an NHS career, how they did it, the best bits and challenges. Their stories may just inspire you to take your first step to an NHS career.

I think that we were privileged to get work experience and there was a lot of we have learnt over the week

The week was very good and opened our eyes to lots of new and exciting careers in the NH

What Can I do?

Year 10

A dedicated work experience programme specifically aimed at Year 10 students who would like to work in the Health and care Sector, but want to know more.

Hosted by RCHT, we offer a week of activities and visits which will give students the opportunity to see behind the scenes of a real life Health & Care environment as well as an opportunity to enhance your employability skills. Due to the difficulty in placing students under the age of 16 in clinical areas, these weeks will be predominantly based in a classroom setting with sessions facilitated by Health Professionals.

Post 16+

For students that are 16 and over we are able to offer work experience in different areas of the hospital of up to a maximum of 5 days. Please note that places are not strictly restricted to students or young people. We welcome participants of all ages, including those considering a change of career and the long term-unemployed.

The criteria for work placements vary depending on the department and, although we will do our utmost to meet your needs, this might not always be possible. In the event of a major incident/outbreak it may be necessary to postpone/cancel placements sometimes at short notice.

Care Academy

An extended work experience placement for L3 Health and Social Care students attending Truro and Penwith College. The placements offer invaluable experience within an acute Healthcare setting with expert mentorship, along with the promise of graduating with an interview with our temporary staffing agency, Kernowflex.

CFT also offer Care Academy placements too.

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