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What we offer

Year 10 Work Experience Week- we offer 4 work experience weeks throughout the months of May, June, and July. Our year 10 Work Experience Weeks are designed to give an overview of the different career opportunities that are on offer in the NHS. And, although we cover the careers that students are mainly interested in, we also promote the lesser known careers too. The week is a mix of classroom based activities, presentations, and workshops. We aim for the students to spend a day on a ward too. These weeks are very popular as they are open to all of the secondary schools in Cornwall. For the most popular dates in July, we do request that schools only allocate 2 spaces to its students to ensure that places are available for a wide range of students across Cornwall.


Work and Wellbeing is an annual event which is based in the Knowledge Spa at RCHT. This popular event is aimed at those aged 14-19 considering a career in healthcare. This event provides a unique opportunity to meet the health professionals and hear up to date advice. Those attending the event can also discover more about career opportunities in health and care through interactive workshops and exhibits.

Future Medics is 2 day event targeting students in year 12 or above. This well-received event offers advice and information on applying to study medicine at university.

Specialist Days are a new addition we hope to host in 2020 where we aim to promote particular specialist careers.

CPD Days for staff

We understand that organisations, especially the NHS, are constantly changing and it is sometimes important to keep up to date with these. Therefore, we are happy to offer teachers and work experience co-ordinators continuing professional development days to help them keep themselves informed with the current opportunities. This is especially relevant with the introduction of the >Gatsby Benchmarks If you would be interested in us organising some CPD for you then please do not hesitate to email us at rcht.getincornwall@nhs.netand we will do our best to accommodate you.

School Visits

We want to work closely with primary and secondary schools, as well as the colleges in Cornwall, to help educate and inspire our future workforce. If you have a careers event, would like us to organise visiting speakers, or visits to the hospital to help promote careers or support the curriculum, then please do not hesitate to send an e-mail us at

Useful Information about placements

Please read the below information carefully:

‘Get In’ Cornwall wants to make sure that work experience opportunities are available to a wide range of people in order to ensure we are able to recruit a talented and diverse workforce. We do our utmost to promote equality & diversity in the work place and for this reason we are pleased to be able to accept students of all ages (14+) and abilities. We do, however, request that each student carefully completes our Health Questionnaire, and that we are made aware of any existing conditions they may have prior to attending. Whilst we understand that students will want to the placements to be as interactive as possible, all placements will be observational and we will try and meet the students requirements, but this will be dictated by the availability of staff in that area.

We always ask that Work Experience is coordinated centrally through us here at Get In Cornwall so that we can offer consistent, safe and fair advice to students. We thank you for supporting our programme by applying here.

We ask that Work Experience Coordinators think carefully about the allocation of placements. Spaces within Health & Care are limited, and we believe it’s important that those with a genuine interest in the industry are considered

first. We therefore request that students recommended to us are mature, sensible, and willing to give 100% in order to get the most out of their placement.

Please ensure that all students are properly prepared for their placement. If you require further information on what to expect, follow the link to >useful information/work experience.

We understand that in some cases, particularly for Year 10s, teachers are required to visit their students in their place of work. Due to the high volume of students that we host, the size of the site and complexity of our placements, we have arranged for teachers to visit collectively to hear their students talk about their experience in a classroom environment. This usually takes place on a Friday afternoon, at the end of the students’ week, to allow time for reflection. Please contact the relevant Work Experience coordinator for more information.

How do we book it?

Students will need to complete our >application form for year 10 work experience.

If you would like us to attend an event, visit your school, or offer you CPD, please email

For ‘Get In’ events, we contact schools with a relevant booking form.